In memory of our nursing staff

Thank you for taking time to remember a nurse or health care employee who has died during the coronavirus pandemic.
Every life lost is a tragedy, and on behalf of everyone at the Royal College of Nursing, I would like to pay tribute to our colleagues who have died whilst caring for others and keeping them safe.
I hope this online Book of Remembrance will become a lasting legacy that reflects the bravery and compassion of our nursing colleagues. I sincerely hope it will offer some comfort to the family and friends of those who have died, and a reassurance that they will never be forgotten.

Donna Kinnair,
Chief Executive and General Secretary, RCN

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Remembrance messages

To those who served and died in this terrible time, your sacrifice, professionalism and love remains in our hearts and actions, it is the soul of nursing.
Dawne Garrett
thank you to those nurse who show the same resilience as those who believe in what they do, disregard barriers, and pout their lives on the line. Thank you
Sharron Robertson
nurses throughout the ages have demonstrated that resilience found in those in combat, those who believe in what they are doing, those who don't see barriers when need is evident, those who put their.
sharron robertson
You made the ultimate sacrifice and for that we will always be forever in your debt. In your honour we will continue to give of our best wherever and to whomever needs it.
Cess Wigley
I would like a pay a massive tribute to those domestic and porters who have contributed equally as the HCAs, Nurses doctors and the whole NHS team. My heart goes to those we lost in this battle love u
Bilaal Jagessur
Thinking of all of the nursing family both in the UK and worldwide; especially those who have lost their lives in the last twelve months. I am proud to be able to say that I am a nurse.
Celia Manson
To all the staff who gave their life to Covid-19 and the staff whom continue to risk their life for patients, service users and the NHS. Throughout the pandemic we bring our whole self to work.
Marcia Blackwood
In memory of all Health and Social care workers who sacrificed their lives to save others!! Your light will shine to eternity and you will never be forgotten. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ
Thandie Ndlovu
To all those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, you cannot hide from it yourselves.
David Jones
To all those who gave of themselves for others to live thank you. May you always be held in our lives as a living hope x
When we needed you, you were there. When we were frightened, you were there. When we were alone, you were there. When we cried out, you were there. As we face our New dawn, we look and you have gone.
Austin Thomas
I am taking this time to remember those that have lost their life due to the pandemic, my heart goes with the family at this crucial period, may God gives them the grace to bear the loss.
Kehinde Modupe