In memory of our nursing staff

Thank you for taking time to remember a nurse or health care employee who has died during the coronavirus pandemic.
Every life lost is a tragedy, and on behalf of everyone at the Royal College of Nursing, I would like to pay tribute to our colleagues who have died whilst caring for others and keeping them safe.
I hope this online Book of Remembrance will become a lasting legacy that reflects the bravery and compassion of our nursing colleagues. I sincerely hope it will offer some comfort to the family and friends of those who have died, and a reassurance that they will never be forgotten.

Donna Kinnair,
Chief Executive and General Secretary, RCN

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Remembrance messages

Thank you All for the Dedication to Duty.Auntie Grace Kungwengwe I am saddened deeply.Sorry to all Friends, Families and Colleagues and Places of Work.
Plaxedes Makonise
Thank you for you incredible devotion to caring for others. I will remember you with great pride.
Becky Fox
Farewell caring angels. You have sacrificed yourselves to save humanity. May Your Souls Rest in Peace
David Udo
The entire nation owes a debt of gratitude to each and every one of you. You gave your lives trying to save others. There can be no braver deed than that. We honour your memories.
Mrs Joanna Gardiner
This is national nursing week- I have courage to continue working in this overwhelming environment because their are others who selflessly worked to save others only to lose their own lives. God bless
April Crossman
Our nation owes a debt of gratitude to all health & social care staff who died for a profession that they loved and dedicated their lives to.
Isabel Harper
A heartfelt gratitude to all the Nurses across the world to stand tall between the disease and us. There can be no payback for the services they render. God bless all the Nurses.
Kiran Kumar Dev G
I am SO grateful and moved by the sacrifice of nursing staff on behalf of patients. What greater love can there be than to give your life for another?
Graham Miller LCM
So sad that any health worker has died due to Covid 19 pray there will not be any more. Keep safe every one.
Elizabeth Stone
Dedication, duty and selfless acts knows no bounds.
Jennifer Doohan
Thank you for your care and compassion.
James Campbell
Never forgotten. Rest in peace 💔